Friday, August 1, 2014

Spider Plant

Common Name - Spider plant or Airplane plant
Botanical Name - Chlorophytum comosum

Plants add beauty to our homes and they make us feel good. A few foliage improve our mood at home as well as the air we breathe. Indoor plants not only make us feel better emotionally, they restore life-sustaining oxygen to the air.

Did you know that the spider plant was studied by NASA, along with later studies on indoor air quality and proved that it has the ability to reduce toxic chemicals from tainted indoor air. Spider plants in your home can remove toxins like formaldehyde, xylene and toulene that comes from the everyday stuff we use in our homes.

The spider plant produces small, white flowers on the tips of wiry, upright stems, called runners.The runners will soon shoot out plantlets giving it a spidery appearance.
These plantlets, often called "babies" are easy to propagate, giving you an ongoing supply of plants.  Recently I have begun to use a shallow teacup or container to propagate. I clip off a plantlet and place it in the container with water and in a few days it begins to root and  I transfer it to a hanging basket or plant pot. Make sure you do not have too much water in the container to rot the plant just enough to cover the roots. You will have to add water every couple of days.

After two weeks in water

After transferring your plants you can clean your hands by rubbing and scrubbing wet hands with baking soda. Rinse.

  Photo Credits - Gllian Thomas

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