Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to keep your houseplants watered while you are on vacation


You are going on vacation and you have no one to water your houseplants. By the time you return they will probably be dried up or dead. So what do you do? you can make a wicking system

Making a wick watering system for your plants is easy.

A wicking system draws water up into the soil gradually and continuously, so there is no worry about your plant being over watered which will cause the root to rot. In a plant store you will see a self-watering pot. It's simply a wick system, a pot with a wick on top of a water-holding container.

Find soft fabric that is made from natural fibers like cotton, something that is absorbent. You can strip an old T-shirt to the length that's necessary or you can use oil lamp wicks depending on the amount of plants you have.

Take a pencil and and push one end of the wick through the drainage hole up into the soil as far as possible. Let part of the wick remain out the hole, long enough to reach the bottom of the water container. Put the pot into a deep water container and fill the container with water.

You can also put pebbles in your water container, and fill the container with water so that it does not cover the pebbles. In this way your plant pot is not sitting in the water but sits on the pebbles. It means that your wick has to be long enough to go through the layer of pebbles to meet the bottom of the water container.

If you have several plants and want to water them from one water container.You can put the water into a nearby container, separate from the plants,. Remember they each have to have their own separate wick.This would mean longer wicks. Always ensure the wick reaches the bottom of the water container.

After doing this you can leave for your vacation, or perhaps you might want to try it for a fewmweeks while you are still home. You will know if your water container will run out of water while you are gone.

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